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Air Tech of Central Florida is a full service heating, air conditioning, and plumbing company serving the needs of Deland, FL and surrounding communities. As part of the local community since 1998 and an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau, we’ve earned a reputation for quality and professionalism. We’d love to exceed your expectations!
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The Best Air Conditioning Services in DeLand

A working and efficient air conditioning system is a must when you live in DeLand FL. One moment it’s hot and warm, then it is cloudy and humid the next. So without an AC that can keep up with this unpredictable weather, you and your family may be left feeling too uncomfortable inside your homes. With Air Tech of Central Florida, we will make sure this doesn’t happen.

If you need any help with your cooling system or if you are thinking about having a new one, contact us. Here are the following services we may help you with:

  • AC Installation and Replacement Service
  • AC Repair Service
  • AC Maintenance Service

Top Air Conditioning Contractor In DeLand, FL

We are your local and trusted company that specializes in the field of HVAC and other home services. We have served countless homeowners and business owners in DeLand FL and other areas in Central Florida since 1998. But aside from our years of experience, we are highly recommended by our customers due to our skilled and amazing technicians. Each member of our team is licensed and NATE-certified. Meaning, they are held to the highest standards in the HVAC industry.

So whenever you need help, repair, or maintenance with your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, choose the top DeLand FL contractors to get the best results. We are a trusted company that you can count on and we stand behind every service and work we’ve done. With Air Tech of Central Florida, we can guarantee that we’ll get the job done right and fast.

AC Repair DeLand, FL Service

Is your AC system making loud and unusual noises? Is it unevenly cooling? Maybe your unit is freezing up, icing over, or leaking? Or did it completely stop working? If you have answered yes to any of these, then call us immediately for a repair as delaying can lead to bigger and costlier problems in the future.

We have been in the HVAC service industry for years. We have decades of experience, complete equipment, and skilled technicians. Thus, we can guarantee that no matter what issue your AC may have, we can repair it and get it back up and running again in no time.

24/7 Emergency Service

Additionally, our emergency repair service in DeLand is available any time and any day. So you can call us in the wee hours of the night and we’ll arrive at your home on time, ready, and fully equipped to provide whatever repairs you might need.

Installation And Replacement Service Air Conditioning In DeLand, FL

If you are calling for repairs too frequently and the costs of your repairs are adding up to more than half of what a new system does then it may be time for you to replace it with a new and more efficient air conditioning system. Not only will installing a new AC save you from the costs of repairs but it can also help you lower your energy bills. So if you are ready to start saving and experiencing more comfort in your home, we are here to help you.

We understand that investing in a new AC is not cheap. This is why you should choose a well-established and trusted company to install it for you. When done properly by the right people for the job, your cooling system can last for many, many years. Furthermore, a properly installed system won’t cause any problems soon.

Also, we will show you the different system options available and we will help you find the perfect one for your home. We offer a full range of cooling systems that will surely meet and provide the comfort you are looking for in your home. And if you find the perfect one, we will guide you on how to get it without breaking the bank. Contact us to learn more about the financial options and rebates that are available for you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Technician and Customer
With the cost of installing heating and air conditioning systems, of course, you would want to get the most out of them. So let us help you do that.

With our AC maintenance tune-up service, we can extend your system’s life and make it last longer. Moreover, our regular maintenance inspections can help prevent breakdowns and keep your indoor air clean and fresh.

Most people ignore their cooling units up until it’s not working anymore. This is why during repairs, they get surprised with the many repairs needed and parts that had to be replaced. So if you can, don’t wait until you are hot and sweaty before scheduling a service with us. Let us keep your AC problem-free and your money protected with a reliable tune-up service. Contact us online or call us to schedule a consultation.

Air Conditioning And Heating DeLand FL

It is our mission to provide you and your family the exceptional comfort you deserve for your home. This is why we offer the highest quality products from well-established brands and top-notch HVAC services from qualified technicians. We also stand behind every work we do and we offer guarantees with our services.

When you choose us, you can enjoy a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on your new AC. Furthermore, all new heating and cooling systems from us include a 1-year labor warranty. We would even include a minimum of a 30-day labor warranty for most of our repairs. So if you are looking for a DeLand, FL company that you can trust, look no further. We are here and always ready for your call.

If you need home services with your heating, air conditioning, ventilation, ductwork, and more, call us or contact us online to learn more.

Carrier Air Conditioner/Furnace

Other HVAC Services In DeLand, FL

Our company is built around providing our clients with the utmost convenience. In our hopes to make your life a little easier, we are offering your home service needs all in one place. So if you are living in DeLand, you can call us for installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of your furnace and air filtration systems. We offer professional plumbing and handyman services as well.

On the other hand, for business owners and property managers, we offer a full commercial HVAC service. We also highly recommend our refrigeration services. Guaranteed, we can repair any commercial refrigeration equipment including ice machines, freezers, walk-in coolers, and cold tables.

We Offer Same Day Air Conditioning Repair

Let’s face it. With our average summer temps of a sticky 92 degrees, losing your Air conditioning in Deland, FL can be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE! That’s why we offer same day service for most of our air conditioning repair jobs. Our trucks are stocked with a range of air conditioning parts, including parts for systems that are more than 10 years old, to help cut down on your wait time. That means less time waiting to get your home’s system fixed and more time enjoying the cool.

  • Emergency AC/heating repairs (Call us anytime at (321) 222-6658)
  • Scheduled AC repairs and heating repairs
  • New AC system estimates and installation
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Plumbing