Your Local HVAC Company in Kissimmee, FL

When you reach out to an Kissimmee home or business contractor you’re not just looking for a right now fix. You want HVAC technicians that can not only arrive on time, but can also assess your needs and offer a cost-efficient and accurate service. With Air Tech of Central Florida on your side, you’ll get that and far more. Our air conditioning and heating teams have been serving clients in the Kissimmee area since 1998, offering superior solutions and top-class products to meet all of your comfort and home function needs.

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Carrier AC Unit

Residential Heating & Cooling in Kissimmee, FL

Homeowners in and around Kissimmee depend on home heating and cooling systems (especially the cooling ones) all year long to retain comfort. You need these systems to be installed accurately, maintained with consistency and the utmost in care, and repaired effectively when needed. You can count on our teams to have you covered, no matter what.

Whether you use a standard forced-air unit, a heat pump, or a ductless split system, we can be at your door and ready to provide friendly, cost-efficient service any time you need us. Reach out any time for:

  • AC installation
  • AC repair
  • AC maintenance
  • Heating services
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    Indoor Air Quality Solutions

    Carrier Air Purifier
    No matter how carefully we maintain our Florida homes it seems like we’re always struggling against dust, pollen, pet dander, and even worse. It’s not you! It’s something every home and business struggles with. But luckily there are some good solutions available these days. At Air Tech of Central Florida, we offer superior air filtration systems from Carrier that will help you keep your home air healthy, clean, and free of all common allergens.

    Residential & Commercial Plumbers

    Effective plumbing is important for nearly countless things in our Kissimmee home. We rely on plumbing for clean water for consumption, for cleaning, for hygiene, and for even more. That means when you need a plumbing service, be it repair or installation, you want a local Kissimmee plumber that not only understands modern plumbing, but one that also understands how to tailor their services to meet your unique needs best.

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    24-Hour Plumbing Service in Kissimmee

    We know well that things can go awry at any time, and you cannot afford to wait until standard business hours while your pipes leak or your fixtures stay resolutely gunked up. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to serve your plumbing needs throughout Kissimmee—just give us a call!
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    Commercial HVAC Services in Kissimmee, FL

    Commercial heating and cooling systems are vitally necessary for keeping employees and clients comfortable, happy, and healthy. We understand the important role these systems play within your business, and so we strive to put every ounce of our expertise and knowledge at your disposal in order to maximize the performance and efficacy of your heating, cooling, and air quality systems.

    We offer:
    • Commercial HVAC maintenance
    • Commercial refrigeration services
    • Commercial property management
    • Custom general commercial contractors
    Need commercial HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance in Kissimmee? Contact Air Tech of Central Florida online!
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    Full-Service HVACR & Plumbing Contractors in Kissimmee, Florida

    Whether you’re looking for a technician for AC repair, a contractor for heating, or a plumbing service team, our Kissimmee plumbers and HVAC contractors have you covered and offer top-class service. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Company we have the tools, the products, and the honed technique to meet your needs with ease! Contact us online now to schedule service in Kissimmee and the surrounding areas!