Mini-Splits in the Orlando, FL Area

Mini-Split AC: Total Comfort, Without the Ductwork

When you think of air conditioning, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Central AC? Window units? While these tend to be synonymous with air conditioning, mini-split air conditioners are also an efficient solution to cool your space. While mini-split systems may be a lesser-known option, they boast numerous benefits and can provide total comfort throughout your home or business.

At Air Tech of Central Florida, we’re on a mission to make your unique space comfortable, which is why we provide a variety of comfort solutions, including mini-split air conditioning products. Learn more about mini-split air conditioning systems here and start increasing your comfort today.

What Are Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems?

Mini-split air conditioning systems are similar to central air conditioning systems. Like standard systems, mini-splits have two main components: a condenser unit, which is housed outside and an air-handling unit which is housed indoors. However, while central AC relies on a series of intricate ductwork to supply conditioned air through the different rooms of a residential or commercial space, mini-splits don’t.

The Benefits of Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Long gone are the days of standard air conditioning systems. As technology improves, it’s easier than ever to be in control of your own comfort! With a mini-split system, controlling your comfort has never been so easy. Here are just a few of the benefits these systems tout:

You’re In Control
Mini-split systems allow you to control your comfort. Because each indoor unit can be operated independently, you can customize the settings room-by-room.

Installation Is Flexible
The sleek and compact design of mini-split systems allows for easy and flexible installation. This is great for small residences with limited space.

No Ducts, No Problem
Mini-split systems work sans ductwork, so they avoid the energy loss that typically comes along with ductwork. Since ductwork can account for nearly 30 percent of energy consumption, mini-split systems save you energy and money.

You Save in Multiple Ways
Not only are mini-split systems available at an affordable price, but advanced technologies offer supreme efficiency and energy-savings so you’ll save on your bills for years to come.

Take Control of Your Comfort

At Air Tech of Central Florida, we believe that your home should be a comfortable oasis all year long. That’s why we’re proud to offer multiple comfort solutions beyond standard air conditioning.

We want to help your home reach its optimal level of comfort. Whether you’re looking for a mini-split system or another alternative, contact one of our friendly team members at (407) 696-9876 to learn more.