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Looking for More Information on Air Conditioner Rebates?

Want to cut the cost of cooling off? Let someone else help pay for your new system!

If you’re thinking about replacing your existing air conditioning system, why not have the power company help pay for part of it? Power companies like Duke Energy actually want you to conserve electricity and they’ll prove it. As an incentive to purchase a more energy efficient system, Duke Energy will give you a rebate of up to $800. That’s in addition to all the money you’ll save on your electric bill by swapping out your current inefficient AC system.

Air Tech of Central Florida is an “authorized” independent contractor for Duke Energy which means that we can file the rebate paperwork for you. We’ll help you get you the maximum allowable rebate. Other power companies have similar rebate programs. Check the requirements for your power company and start saving money today, while keeping comfortably cool with your AC system from Air Tech of Central Florida.

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