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Although the year-round heat in Florida is a definite selling point for residents, summer temperatures and humidity make it difficult to keep cool without a functioning air conditioner. When your air conditioner stops working, and you need the help of a professional. At Air Tech of Central Florida, we keep you cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it is outside. We troubleshoot your AC difficulties, working to uncover the root of the issue. The culprit could be a refrigerant leak, one of the most common causes of air conditioning problems. 

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AC Refrigerant

What Is Air Conditioning Refrigerant?

Air conditioning refrigerant, or Freon, is a crucial component of your air conditioning system. Freon, a non-combustible gas, works by changing form from gas to liquid and back to gas. Your air conditioner compresses the Freon into liquid, pumping it through the evaporator coil, where it evaporates and turns back into gas. The Freon chills the warm air circulating above the evaporator coil, after which the system pushes the cool air into your home.  

Over time, the Freon gas diminishes naturally, requiring that you add more refrigerant to the system. However, when your air conditioner system begins to leak, the problem necessitates immediate action. 

AC Refrigerant Leak

Three Signs of an AC Refrigerant Leak

Knowing when you have a refrigerant leak isn’t necessarily easy for the average homeowner. However, knowing the signs of a leak helps you to decide when to call a professional. Is your air conditioner leaking Freon? Below, we list some of the most common indicators of an AC Freon leak.

Refrigerant Leaks

Causes of Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks occur for various reasons. Mechanical system components deteriorate over time, eventually sustaining damage from daily wear and tear. Some of the causes of refrigerant leaks include:

  • Corroded refrigerant lines
  • Heavy vibrations from the AC unit 
  • Weather damage
  • Impact damage
  • Defective AC unit or parts
  • Improper air conditioner installation

The most common cause of refrigerant leakage is a lack of routine maintenance. All mechanical systems require regular maintenance and repair by a professional HVAC technician. To keep your air conditioner functioning at peak efficiency, trust the knowledge and experience of Air Tech to remedy the problem quickly. We offer a Maintenance Agreement Plan, giving members two tune-ups each year. These maintenance visits keep your AC system running effectively and help prevent air conditioning emergencies. 

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Refrigerant leak Repair

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Immediate attention to a refrigerant leak is the key to preventing severe and expensive damage to your air conditioner. At Air Tech of Central Florida, we’ve been installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC systems for over 30 years. We understand air conditioners from top to bottom, so if you experience an AC issue, it’s time to give us a call. 

When you need refrigerant leak repair, we send one of our certified and experienced technicians to your home to evaluate the problem. Once they discover the source of the leak, they repair the damage quickly and efficiently. We even provide 24/7 emergency and same-day service so that you don’t have to worry about your family’s comfort. Contact Air Tech of Central Florida today at 407-696-9876. For high-quality refrigerant leak repair at a fair price, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, Air Tech is your choice for AC maintenance in Longwood, FL, and the surrounding areas.